Work symbols

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Introducing the Work symbols widget into your classroom streamlines communication guidelines during collaborative tasks. This tool offers a straightforward visual cue, ensuring students understand the expected level of interaction with just a quick glance at the screen.

  • Classroom Management
  • Easy to master

Work symbols as visual supports in your classroom

Teachers can assign specific symbols such as ‘work together', ‘ask neighbor’, ‘whisper', or ‘silence' to indicate the desired level of collaboration during class activities. This super straightforward widget will help you as a teacher in providing instant visual directions / visual cues. Students can easily identify these symbols and adjust their behavior accordingly, creating an ideal learning environment that aligns with classroom expectations.

Additional settings

Within the widget settings, teachers can customize the functionality by toggling sound effects on or off. When enabled, subtle auditory cues accompany symbol changes, giving an extra hint for students to meet behavior expectations. These customizable settings are automatically saved for users with a Basic and Pro account.

How to manage your classroom with visual cues

Bringing the Work Symbols widget into your classroom setup is a breeze and can really make a difference in how smoothly group work goes. They say a picture says a thousand words, so why not give yourself a breather? These visual cues are super helpful for students to get what's expected of them, and they can help cut down on disruptions. So, give it a shot and see how it jazzes up your teaching game!