Our Dice Widget transforms any teaching session into an engaging and interactive experience. Whether you're teaching probability, math operations, language concepts, or simply adding an element of fun to your lessons, our virtual dice options cater to every scenario.

  • Gamification
  • Easy to master
How our virtual dice work

This free digital dice roller is quick and easy to use. Simply select the dice widget, choose from the different faces, and click on the dice button to roll. There are also additional sound effects and animations that can be played to capture your students’ attention, just switch them on/off from the settings.

Different types of virtual dice
  • Standard dice, which can either be solitary or in a group of two or three dice that can be rolled together.
  • Number dice ranging from (-6) to (+6)
  • Math signs (+) (-) (÷) (x) for formulating math questions.
  • Custom numerical dice that range from (1) to (12) and (1) to (20) as well as a custom die that ranges from (-999) to (+999).
  • A coin that shows heads or tails.
  • A colorful die which has six different colors.
  • A die that includes every letter in the English alphabet.
How to use a dice roller in your classroom

There are lots of different ways to use virtual dice in a classroom, from teaching probabilities to dice games for the math classroom. One of our favorites is ‘D-ice breakers’ - here’s how it works!

‘D-ice breakers’ are not your typical ice-breaking activities - they add a playful twist to the conventional methods. Participants roll the dice to determine the activity or question they engage in, making each interaction unique and spontaneous. Whether it's sharing interesting facts, answering thought-provoking questions, or completing fun challenges, ‘D-ice breakers’ foster a lively and engaging atmosphere. Get inspired by our D-ice breaker template today!