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Struggling to maintain the perfect noise level in your classroom? Discover the Sound level widget, your ultimate ally in noise management. Whether you're aiming for serene silence during study time or controlled chaos during group activities, this noise level meter you covered.

  • Classroom Management

How our Sound level works

Setting up the Sound level widget is a breeze. Simply connect a microphone to your device and let the noise level monitor do the rest. Adjust the Max. noise slider to establish your desired sound threshold, and watch as the red-colored bar dynamically adjusts to reflect the current noise level in your classroom.

Bell notification feature

Need to rein in your students' chatter? Activate the bell feature to notify them when noise levels exceed your preset limit. If the noise persists for 10 seconds, the bell will sound again, signaling the need for quieter behavior. And don't worry – if the bell becomes more of a distraction than a solution, you can easily disable it with the click of a button. 

Microphone Control Options

Want to temporarily mute the microphone? Simply tap the microphone icon on the widget to silence it. And for those with multiple microphones, fear not – you can easily select the one you want to use directly from the widget settings.

Fine-tune your online noise meter for the classroom experience to suit your classroom's unique needs. Adjust microphone sensitivity, select your preferred microphone, and toggle the display of the noise counter on or off. Plus, with automatic saving for users with an account, you can rest assured that your settings will be preserved.

How to use a Sound Level in your classroom

The Sound Level widget isn't just for noise management – it's a versatile tool with endless possibilities. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Set the sound limit to maximum and disable the bell to transform the widget into an applause meter. Use it to compare the enthusiasm of your students during class presentations or debates. Try it out in our handy Applause meter template!
  • Activate the Annotation bar to visually track the sound level per candidate during classroom discussions or group activities.