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Elevate your classroom organization with the Timetable widget, your go-to solution for creating a class schedule with ease. Whether you prefer a flexible checklist or a precisely timed agenda, this schedule maker empowers you to stay on track and maximize productivity throughout the day.

  • Time Management

How our online Timetable maker works

Getting started with the Timetable widget is simple and hassle-free. Choose between two display options: the 'Checklist' for a flexible, task-oriented approach, or the 'Timed schedule' for a more structured, time-sensitive layout. Regardless of your choice, the widget seamlessly transitions between styles, ensuring adaptability to your evolving needs.

Personalize your class timetable

Customize your Timetable widget to fit your needs using a variety of adjustable options. Whether you want to keep your interface clean by showing or hiding the widget title, fine-tune the level of structure with display mode adjustments, personalize activity icons from the Pictogram library or request new images, or effortlessly incorporate breaks between activities for seamless transitions, the Timetable widget offers the flexibility to adapt to your preferences effortlessly.

Additional options

Take your time management skills to the next level with advanced features and customization options:

  • Easily modify activity titles, reorder events, and delete items directly from the widget settings.
  • Choose from a selection of alarm sounds to signal the end of each activity, or opt for silence if preferred.
  • Personalize your Timetable widget with different color themes to match your classroom aesthetic and enhance visual clarity

How to use a Timetable in your classroom

An interactive, visual schedule in your classroom can be used in a number of ways, beyond just keeping track of your schedule. Use the checklist mode to outline daily tasks or assignments, allowing students to track progress and stay organized. The timed schedule is perfect for implementing time management strategies as it helps facilitate smooth transitions between activities or provide students with additional time as needed.