Enhance classroom engagement and gather valuable feedback with the Poll widget. Whether you are measuring student understanding, gathering opinions, or fostering interactive discussions, this free live polling tool empowers you to collect real-time responses without the need for an account.

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How our online polling tool works

Craft your question and input up to five answer options, ensuring clarity and conciseness for student comprehension. Then, choose between enabling remote voting or interactive whiteboard buttons for students to cast their votes. 

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice allows the presenter to provide a question with multiple written answer options, with respondents able to select one answer from predefined options. 

We recommend this option for: 

  • assessing knowledge, understanding, or preferences when there are multiple possible answers or choices.

Try this out in our 'Would you Rather?' template!


Smileys present respondents with a range of emoticons or facial expressions to choose from. Respondents select the smiley that best reflects their feelings, opinions, or attitudes toward the question.

We recommend this option for: 

  • a quick and visual way for respondents to express their sentiments towards a singular question. 
  • gathering subjective opinions, satisfaction levels, or emotional reactions to a topic or situation.


This format is ideal for Wellbeing check-ins or Exit tickets.


The ‘True/False’ question type presents respondents with a statement that has a binary set of answers. Respondents can choose between two options: true or false, yes or no, which is represented with a green tick and a red cross respectively.

We recommend this option for:

  • testing knowledge, understanding, or comprehension of factual information or concepts in a simple way. 

Additional settings

Tweak the widget settings to suit your preferences for poll visibility, voting status, and how charts are displayed. Also, feel free to reset votes whenever you need to start fresh for another round of polling or if you change up the questions. This way, you can make sure you're getting accurate feedback without any hassle.

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How to use online voting in your classroom

Combine our free polling widget with other interactive tools to enhance classroom activities and discussions. Supplement poll questions with images using the Image widget for visual context, or utilize the Timer widget to set time limits for response completion. Seamlessly navigate between multiple questions on each screen using the arrows on the bottom right of the screen. 

Ready to elevate classroom interaction and gather valuable insights? Explore the possibilities of the Poll widget today – no account needed.