Unlocking Focus with Brain Breaks

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Classroomscreen isn't just for teaching, but for those important breaks too! This blog includes four ready-made templates for you to try out in your classroom today.

Having a focused and enthusiastic class is the dream, but getting there can be a daily struggle. That's where brain breaks come in! These short, energizing activities are essential for keeping students engaged, focused, and ready to learn. Effective, free and ready-to-use brain breaks are few and far between, so Classroomscreen is here to help!

Before we dive into the exciting world of brain-break templates, let’s find out why brain breaks have been taking the educational world by storm in recent years. 

What are Brain Breaks?

Brain breaks are short, interactive activities designed to give students a mental and physical break from academic tasks. They help reduce stress, improve concentration, and boost overall productivity in the classroom. By incorporating movement, creativity, and fun, brain breaks can reinvigorate students' enthusiasm for learning and create a positive classroom environment.

Research has shown that regular brain breaks can have numerous benefits for students, including:

  • Improved focus and attention span
  • Increased engagement and participation
  • Enhanced memory retention
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced mood and well-being

Whether you're teaching a math lesson, conducting a science experiment, or leading a discussion, incorporating brain breaks into your classroom routine can help keep students motivated and on track. If you are looking for more classroom engagement tools, make sure to check out our other tips and tricks to engage students.

Let’s get moving with Motion Mania

Energizing activities like dance parties or yoga stretches are perfect for boosting circulation, releasing pent-up energy, and promoting physical well-being. If you are teaching a lesson that requires quiet periods of reading or independent work, including a physical brain break that gets the students out of their seats is ideal!

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Our ‘Motion Mania’ template brings an element of randomness and anticipation to simple physical exercise that kids are familiar with. Simply roll the dice to assign different movements, with the class divided in two. A looping timer and customizable movements will keep your students engaged until the bell goes. 

Drawing together with Scribble Safari

Grab your pencils, we are getting creative! Drawing is a great stress reliever and when teaching a class with lots of discussion and noise, a quiet period of simple sketching is a great way to bring students back to focusing on the topic at hand. 

So why not go on a Scribble Safari? In this fun and easy brain break, students are challenged to draw their best version of the animal generated by the randomizer. As the teacher, you can also join in and draw - either on your smartboard or using your mouse - onto the screen to encourage participation! With 30 animals to try, this template is a great way to bring some levity into your classroom. 

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Test your music skills with Rhythm Rampage

The perfect brain break is one that activates a different type of thinking than one taught in that lesson. Music and rhythm games are a simple and quick way to break up the status-quo. In this template, the Group maker widget will divide your class into groups to clap along to different beats. Just press play to activate the embedded metronome will keep everyone on beat. You’ll be surprised how difficult it is to clap on only three beats!

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Get to know each other with Would You Rather...

A "Would You Rather" brain break injects an element of fun and intrigue into the classroom, offering students a brief respite from academic tasks while engaging their critical thinking skills. During this activity, students are presented with a series of questions, each offering two equally enticing or challenging options. 

Through pondering hypothetical scenarios like "Would you rather have the ability to fly or breathe underwater?", students are encouraged to weigh the pros and cons of each option and articulate their preferences. This brain break not only provides a welcome mental break but also fosters creativity, communication, and camaraderie among peers as they share and discuss their responses.

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Which will you try first?

The integration of brain breaks into the classroom environment is more than just a trend; recent studies have also shown that brain breaks are very important when it comes to learning focus, and overall well-being. From energizing movement exercises to creative drawing challenges and rhythmic games, these brain breaks cater to diverse learning styles and interests, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to recharge and refocus throughout the day.

So why wait? Give them a try today!

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