The Power of the Poll widget

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Have you seen our Poll widget on the widget bar? There is so much to discover about this handy classroom tool! With three different formats, remote and in-person voting, the sky is truly the limit of what this widget can do. Let's not waste any more time and dive straight in!

Get started in 1, 2, 3

Setting up the Poll widget in Classroomscreen can be done in seconds. After selecting it from the widget bar, choose one of the three question types. In the settings, you can adjust the question, add answer options, and choose how students will vote (remotely and/or by pressing the buttons on the widget itself). It's as simple as that!


Let's learn about the benefits...

Get them talking!

When students are given a voice and an opportunity to express their thoughts, they become more engaged and invested in the learning process. Imagine the shift in classroom dynamics when every student feels heard and valued. In addition to this, students will be able to see how their peers respond to questions and it can spark conversations about the learning material.

Do you have some shy students?

Polling ensures that even the quietest students have a chance to contribute. By allowing anonymous responses, you can gather honest feedback from all students, including those who might be hesitant to speak up in front of their peers.

Do they understand the material?

Using a real-time poll, you can identify who is grasping the material and who may need extra help. This immediate feedback enables you to adjust your teaching on the fly, ensuring no student is left behind. For example, you can ask a quick question like 'Which of these is a primary producer in an ecosystem?' with anonymous voting to assess how the class has absorbed your lesson.

Check in on how your students are feeling

The Smileys format is perfect for quick emotional check-ins. Understanding how your students feel can help you tailor your approach to meet their emotional needs, creating a more empathetic and supportive learning environment. Just ask 'how are you feeling today?'

Play some fun games

Using polls can add an element of fun to your lessons. Whether it’s a 'Would you rather?' question to start the day or a quick trivia quiz to review the week's material, polls can make learning more enjoyable. When students are having fun, they are more likely to participate and retain information.

Try all of these benefits out in our library!


After reading this blog, you are more than ready to embrace the power of polls to transform your classroom and inspire your students. Happy teaching!

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