Embed the Joy in Learning: Using the Embed widget

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Unlock the power of Classroomscreen by seamlessly embedding tools like Google Slides, Canva, Desmos, and Flip. Transform your teaching methods and elevate classroom engagement in a few simple steps.

In this blog, we're delving into the art of embedding various tools into your Classroomscreen. From Google Slides and Canva to hidden gems like Desmos and Flip, it’s time to unlock the potential of these tools and show you how to seamlessly embed them within Classroomscreen. Get ready to transform your teaching methods and bring a new level of engagement to your classroom. Let's dive in!

How our Embed widget works

The Embed widget in Classroomscreen allows you to display external web pages using an iframe. You can find the Embed widget in the ‘More widgets’ button on the Widget bar. Simply open the Embed widget, input the iframe code, and click 'run code' to import it! 

Want to give it a go? Try out our tips in our Embed widget template!

Embedding Presentation Slides


If you're looking to infuse your Classroomscreen with creative designs or your class presentation, embedding Canva is the key. Follow these simple steps to seamlessly integrate your Canva creations into your teaching environment:

  1. Start by crafting your design on Canva or open an existing document that aligns with your lesson plan.
  2. Navigate to the top corner of the Canva editor and click the ••• button to unveil a menu of options and select ‘Embed’. 
  3. Once in the embed section, locate the "HTML embed code" option. Copy this code, as the "Smart embed link" is not currently supported.
  4. Head over to Classroomscreen, find the Embed widget, and paste the copied HTML embed code. Instantly, your Canva creation will appear on your screen and you will be able to click through the slides with ease. 


Google Slides

If you use Google Slides for your class presentations, you can add it to your screen in just a few clicks. It’s as easy as 1,2,3…4,5 - not bad!

  1. Begin by opening the Google Slides presentation that you want to share through Classroomscreen.
  2. Navigate to the top of the Slides interface, click on 'File,' and then select 'Publish to the web.'
  3. Within the publishing options, switch to the 'Embed' tab for a streamlined embedding process.
  4. Click 'Publish' to generate the iframe code needed for embedding. Copy this code to your clipboard.
  5. Now, head over to Classroomscreen, locate the Embed widget, and paste the copied iframe code. Similar to Canva, you can navigate through the slides within the widget.


Embedding Music & Podcasts

Imagine infusing your teaching space with the perfect soundtrack that complements any occasion, whether that be art class or after-school clubs! Now, it's easier than ever to set the mood with your curated teaching playlist on Classroomscreen. Follow these simple steps to seamlessly integrate your favorite tunes into your teaching environment:

  1. Start by selecting your favorite teaching playlist on Spotify, Soundcloud or another platform of your choice. Copy the playlist's URL to continue - it must be a public playlist or episode otherwise it will not be sharable to your Classroomscreen. Also, make sure to be logged into the streaming service on the same browser otherwise it will only play previews of each song.
  2. Paste the playlist URL into Iframely, a versatile platform for embedding multimedia content. Let it work its magic to generate the necessary code for your playlist or generate the embed code through your chosen audio platform, whatever works for you!
  3. Navigate to your Classroomscreen, locate the Embed widget, and paste the generated code.
  4. Ensure a seamless experience by resizing the widget to fit your screen perfectly. Now, as you teach, your carefully curated playlist sets the tone for an engaging and dynamic learning atmosphere.

Incorporating Interactive Tools


Transform your Classroomscreen into an interactive hub by seamlessly embedding Flip, the dynamic video discussion platform. Flip, formerly Flipgrid, is a video-based discussion tool that allows teachers to create engaging ‘Topics’ – essentially videos accompanied by text. Students can submit their creative responses through their laptops or phones, using video or photos with stickers and text. Here’s how to incorporate Flip into Classroomscreen:

  1. Create or select a Flip topic that aligns with your lesson objectives.
  2. Navigate to the top corner of the Flip website and click the ‘Share’ button, then click the ‘Embed’ symbol at the bottom to copy the code.
  3. Create a new Embed widget in your Classroomscreen and add the code. Make sure scrolling is enabled within the widget settings to ensure ease of access during class.



Add an interactive math tool by seamlessly embedding Desmos, the advanced graphing calculator with expansive capabilities. Here's how to seamlessly integrate Desmos into your Classroomscreen:

  1. Choose a mathematical concept or lesson that aligns with your objectives.
  2. Generate the embed code by clicking the ‘Share’ button in the top right corner of the screen. Make sure to copy the code rather than the link, as our Embed widget only works with iframes. 
  3. While you cannot edit the data points of your embedded graphs, you can easily display your creations and get students to interact with the data presented. 


There is so much more to try…

Can you see why we love the Embed widget now? The sky is truly the limit in terms of what you can add to your Classroomscreen. From your presentation slides to playlists and even online games, as long as you have an iframe - the world is your oyster! Do you have any great Embedding tricks? Make sure to share them with us through social media or email, we love to hear all the latest tips & tricks our teaching community has discovered.

Happy teaching!

Thanks for reading!

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