Introducing our Timer widget – the perfect online timer to infuse energy and structure into your teaching sessions! It is as simple as opening the widget, setting the time and pressing start. No ads, no fuss.

  • Time Management
  • Easy to master
  • Classroomscreen Essential

How our online timer works

Our free digital timer widget is user-friendly and efficient. It has three different display options which can be changed through simply shrinking and expanding the countdown timer with your mouse or touch.

To get started:

  • Choose the free timer from the widget bar..
  • Modify the timer on the fly by adding minutes and seconds with the "+" or "-" buttons.
  • Start the countdown to signal the beginning of a task or activity.
  • Customization options: Tailor your timer experience with various sound effects and visual cues. Adjust the time while it's running with the "+" of "-" buttons.

How to use a classroom timer 

There are so many ways that 5, 10 and 15 minute timers can be used to assist your teaching. Ensure smooth transitions between activities by utilizing setting short intervals for focused tasks or longer durations for group activities. Explore exciting Timer Challenges to take your classroom engagement to new heights. Implementing exercises like "Beat the Clock" to encourage students to complete tasks within a set time or time constraints to quizzes with "Time-Bound Quizzes” are great ways to bring excitement to your classroom and keep students engaged.

If you are looking for time management strategies, check our some of our ready-made screens like Silent reading.