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Looking for an easy and free random name generator? Unlock the magic of our Randomizer widget, a powerful free tool designed to infuse excitement and fairness into student engagement.

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  • Gamification
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How our random name picker works

This random name picker makes selecting students simple by picking individuals from a list of student names you've curated at random. To kick start this process, configure the widget by adding a list of names via the settings. Click the shuffle icon to initiate the name selection, and each student’s name will appear in turn. Once all have participated, the name randomizer will announce the end of the round and will offer you the option to reset the picked names and embark on a new round.

Saving name-lists

Setting up a free account takes a matter of seconds and you will be able to save up to three different name lists, while Pro users can store up to 100 student name lists. Effortlessly manage and personalize your lists through the "Name lists" tab on the dashboard, with the added convenience of having your favorite list pre-selected.

Random name selector customization

There are multiple different settings to adapt this name spinner to your teaching needs. Remove a student from a saved list in just one click, ensuring the shuffle reflects the current student roster. Add special sound effects and animation that are audible for each shuffle. The choices you make in these settings are automatically saved for users with an account. 

Fair turn distribution

Ensure fairness in student participation with the "Remember chosen students" option. This feature keeps track of students who've had their turn, preventing their reselection until all students have had a fair chance. If you wish to have students picked regardless of previous participation, this can be switched off in the settings. 

How to use a random name chooser in your classroom

From answering questions to distributing tasks, random student generators are a great addition to your teaching tool belt. If you aren’t sure how you could implement this tool in your classroom, give the following tips a go! 

  • Randomly assign presentation topics or dates to students using the name randomizer. 
  • Rotate classroom responsibilities by randomly selecting students to take on roles like timekeeper, materials distributor, or class monitor. 
  • Keep students engaged by occasionally surprising them with a pop quiz. Use the randomizer to select students for this on-the-spot assessment.

For some creative inspiration for how to use our Randomizer, check out templates like our Emoji Story Generator.