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Unlock the full potential of your classroom collaboration with the group generator widget, conveniently nestled behind the 'more' button in the widget bar. Say goodbye to the headache of manually assigning seats or organizing teams – with this group randomizer, creating student groups is a breeze.

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How our random group generator works

Simply select a list of names or enter them manually via the settings to get started. If you are teaching the same group of students regularly, we recommend getting an account so that you can save up to three student lists for free. From the widget settings, you can easily customize your groups by selecting the desired number and adjusting individual student selections as needed.

Creating and using a group generator

Once you've configured your settings, creating groups is as simple as clicking a button. You'll receive a visual breakdown of how students are allocated into each group, making it easy to ensure balanced distribution.

But the customization doesn't stop there. With the ability to change group names and colors, rearrange students manually, and even lock specific students into their assigned groups, you have full control over the group creator process.

Change group name and color by clicking on the group you wish to edit. If you wish to get started right away, we have recently added a new auto-generated name feature which will create a list of themed names or a numbered list for 1-30 in just one click. 

How to use a group maker in your classroom

From facilitating group projects and discussions to fostering peer learning and teamwork, this tool allows you to seamlessly divide students into balanced groups tailored to the needs of each activity. Are there certain students you would prefer to keep apart? No worries! You can prevent certain combinations in the widget settings. 

Whether it's assigning seats for optimal classroom management, organizing teams for quizzes or group work, or ensuring students work with those outside their normal social circle, our Group maker widget enhances classroom dynamics and promotes a supportive learning environment. Give the Group maker widget a try today – no account needed.

Need a head start? Try out our Group work template!