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Whether you're conducting a quiz, hosting a competitive activity, or simply tracking progress, this online scorekeeper enables you to effortlessly keep score without the need for an account.

  • Gamification
  • Easy to master

How our online scoreboard works

With just a click, you can access the Scoreboard widget and configure settings to suit your teaching needs. We have designed three different layouts for this virtual scoreboard: 

  • 'Home-Away (2 teams)' for traditional head-to-head competitions, where teams are designated as home and away like in sports. With this option, two teams compete directly against each other. 
  • 'Points' for more flexible scoring systems that accommodate multiple teams and customizable point values. This option allows for a more dynamic scoring mechanism based on accumulated points rather than direct competition. 
  • For time-based challenges, why not activate the 'Race' Scoreboard type and set a points limit for teams to reach the finish line? Choose from a selection of icons – including a basic line, rocket, turtle, or blocks – to personalize your scoreboard to suit your classroom. 

Additional settings

If you need to reset scores for individual teams or all teams at once, there are multiple methods available. To reset the score for a specific team, go to the settings and simply click on the options icon next to the team name and choose 'Reset Score'. 

Alternatively, to clear all team points from the scoreboard entirely, navigate to the Reset section in the settings and select 'Reset all scores'. This action will reset all team scores back to zero, ensuring a fresh start for the game. You can also change the color of each team from the settings, add personalized names and reorder them to suit your needs. 

How to use a Scoreboard in your classroom

Whether tracking progress in academic challenges, hosting friendly competitions, or conducting interactive quizzes, a free online scoreboard provides a dynamic and efficient tool for fostering teamwork, promoting healthy competition, and enhancing classroom engagement. If your school uses a point system to track behavior, you can pin your handy online scorekeeper to your screen so that it’s there whenever you need it! 

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