How to use Classroomscreen for distance learning

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Classroomscreen was originally developed for learning inside the classroom. However, it can also support teachers in distance learning. To use Classroomscreen for this purpose, it is necessary to share your screen with your students. Below you find instructions of different conferencing apps on how to share your screen.

Instruction MS Teams (Youtube)
Instruction Google Meet (YouTube)
Instruction Zoom (YouTube)

Tips and helpful widgets for distance learning

Welcome your students
Turn on Classroomscreen with a welcome note and countdown timer ten minutes before class starts. You can consider combining the welcome note with an animated gif background to make your students feel relaxed.

Share the instructions of your lesson
Prepare the agenda of your lesson in a text box. Just like in a real classroom, it is important in online lessons to go through the planning of the day so students know what they can expect and what is expected of them.

Helpful widgets during your lesson
During your online class, there are a few widgets that can be very helpful.

Webcam (Media Widget): While sharing your Classroomscreen, you can turn on the webcam at the media widget. This way your students will see you next to the instructions.

Traffic light: Agree with your students on how to use the traffic light in an online setting. For example: red means that students have to turn off their microphone and with a green light they can turn it back on.

Drawing tool: Use the drawing tool to quickly draw or explain something. Use it full screen or as a small window.

Random name: With offline lessons you often have a good idea of who should ask the question, but how do you do that with an online lesson? Keep everyone sharp by using the random name picker.

: Pro users can use the poll remotely. Students can join at and cast there vote remotely. When students connect to your 'remote voting session', you can easily walk them through several questions using multiple Poll screens.

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