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  • Published on Apr 2024

  • 1 screen

  • Elementary, grade 1-2 (age 5-8), Elementary, grade 3-5 (age 8-11), Middle school (age 11-14), High school (age 14-18)

  • Category: Back to school

  • Simple
  • Fun
  • No prep
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My name is Rianna and I am a Primary School Teacher in NSW, Australia! I have been teaching since 2018, and currently work as a relief teacher in a range of different schools.

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About this template

Students will have the opportunity to discover what they have in common with their classmates as they search for someone who shares their traits or favorite things.

How to play

Start the game by activating the randomizer which will generate different categories for students to explore. Categories include shoe size, favorite food, favorite movie and many more!

Once the category is revealed, students move around the classroom, seeking out classmates who share the same trait or preference. For example, if the category is favorite food, students must find someone who shares their favorite food.

After finding their match, students engage in a conversation about the chosen topic. Once everyone has found each other, start the Randomizer up again to meet someone new.