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Share your template idea with us that you think would be perfect for our library.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I become a creator?

    Just submit your template idea! We will be in touch within 14 days.

  • What makes a good template?

    The guidelines below can help you submit a template idea that fits the Classroomscreen library:

    Our library contains editable templates, including welcome screens and classroom management strategies, as well as 'ready-to-teach' activities like games and brain breaks. We're seeking ideas that ideally align with these categories, rather than full lesson plans focused on a specific subject.

    A template should be usable for a large range of teachers and customizable for different ages and contexts.

    We aim to minimize preparation time for the teacher as much as possible. If your template idea requires excessive preparation time, it might not be added to the library.

    • It's important that you have already tested and evaluated your activity or template. This way, we ensure that the template adds value for all users!

    • The required materials for your activity should be available in any typical classroom.

    • Additionally, due to copyright, we need to consider the use of external images and other media along with the exclusion of any personally identifiable data. Therefore, we encourage the use of our widgets rather than lots of external (embedded) content.

  • Which languages do you support?

    Currently, we only support English-language templates but welcome those from non-english speakers if they have a template that can be translated. Our team will ensure that the translation is top-notch!

  • I've submitted my template idea. What's next?

    Our team will carefully review your idea and respond to you via email within 14 days. If your template idea is approved, we will develop the template and a creator page. We'll further coordinate this via email or through a video call.

  • Is the library free?

    Yes! Any user - Basic or Pro - can use our library, so make sure to spread the word.