Alphabet bingo

Play the classic game with a literacy twist!

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  • Published on Apr 2024

  • 1 screen

  • Elementary, grade 1-2 (age 5-8), Elementary, grade 3-5 (age 8-11)

  • Category: Language arts

  • Gamification
  • Fun
  • Low prep
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About this template

In this version of bingo, students select letters to add to their bingo card while you spin the randomizer to select the next letter! Play along with your own on-screen card and reinforce their understanding of the alphabet while having a blast.

How to play

Each student draws a grid on a piece of paper or is handed a pre-made grid. Instead of numbers, these bingo cards feature a grid of letters from the alphabet. Ensure that each card contains a random assortment of letters. Students can choose the letters themselves or you can assign letters in premade grids.

The teacher or designated caller randomly selects letters from the alphabet and calls them out loud to the class. For example, "B", "G", "R". As each letter is called out, students check their bingo cards for the corresponding letter. If they have the letter on their card, they mark it with a bingo chip or marker. Students aim to achieve bingo by marking all letters on their bingo card.

The first student to achieve bingo calls out "Bingo!" to signal their win.