Onset and Rime

Combine onsets and rimes in this engaging phonics game.

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  • Published on Apr 2024

  • 1 screen

  • Pre-K & Kindergarten (age 3-5), Elementary, grade 1-2 (age 5-8)

  • Category: Language arts

  • Simple
  • Fun
  • No prep
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Elsie is an elementary school teacher in Ontario, Canada. In her nearly 20 years of teaching, she has taught a variety of grades from Kindergarten to Grade 8, and she is currently a Multilingual Language Learner teacher.

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About this template

This game can be used as a whole class activity to practice phonological awareness and phonics skills, and could be used as a lead-up to learning about rhyming words.

How it works

One randomizer is the “onset” and the other randomizer is the “rime”. Just press the randomizers to create words! The beauty of this game is that teachers can use any rimes their class is learning at that time, so it is customizable to suit their needs.

It is perfectly fine to create nonsense words as the point of this game is for students to practice reading and listening to the different phonemes (sounds). You can also ask the students to say whether the words they rolled are real or pseudo words!