Paint like Kandinsky

An activity where mathematics, geometry, and creativity meet!

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  • Published on Apr 2024

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  • Elementary, grade 3-5 (age 8-11), Middle school (age 11-14)

  • Category: Arts & music

  • Fun
  • No prep
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I'm Noemi, known as PresenTeacher. I'm a primary school teacher in Italy. I believe in changing the world one child by one.

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About this template

Embrace the joy of creating art while sneaking in some geometry — get ready to roll the dice and paint your masterpiece.

How it works

In this activity, students roll the dice to determine what they'll draw next. With each dice roll, the artwork will take shape with surprising results! From exploring shapes and patterns to mastering proportions, this activity offers a delightful blend of artistry and mathematical learning.