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Every student has their own special way of learning. We make it easy to shape your lessons around their needs, so you can bring out the best in all of them.

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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

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These widgets were made for how they learn

Here are just some of the widgets we’ve designed to help spark your students' curiosity and fuel their desire for knowledge.


Use the Dice widget to gamify math, randomly select d-icebreaker questions, or let chance help students write a story. There are nine types of die to choose from.


Pop quiz! What’s the most popular use of the Poll widget? Is it mostly used for collecting anonymous feedback, measuring class comprehension, or another use case.


See how long it takes for your students to get settled, complete a quiz, invent as many stopwatch games as possible in 30 seconds. You get the idea.


Quit playing favorites and start using the Randomizer widget. It randomly selects a student, color, or country from a list, so you can say it was a completely fair process. Enjoy!

The Poll is one of my favorite widgets. I like to use it at the end of the lesson for quick feedback.

Steffen Siegert

Teaches students between the ages of 13 and 17

See why Classroomscreen is in a class of it’s own

Kimberly Morse

Teaches 4th grade

I have been utilizing Classroomscreen in my classroom for four years now and I have shared it with numerous colleagues. Classroomscreen is easy to use with a variety of widgets that are quickly placed on the screen. It is a simple yet effective tool that allows me to display directions to my class with fun backgrounds!

Minimizes distractions

Classroomscreen focuses your students’ attention and holds it without any extra fuss.

Simple to use

It’s easy to use and easy to customize, so you can focus on what you do best — teach!

Works with all your favorite tools

Classroomscreen plays well with others; especially Google Slides, YouTube, and Canva.

All your lessons in one place

Save all your lessons on one dashboard, create different workspaces for different classes, and make lists of names for all your classes with a Pro account.

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Hidden gem

Pin a widget

To keep a widget visible on every screen within a collection, keep it in place with a Pin. It’ll remain in place even when you navigate to another screen.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can Classroomscreen help with student engagement?

    Yes. Our platform helps teachers make their class even more engaging. We do this by encouraging students to participate in lessons and interact with the content through widgets like the QR code generator, Randomizer, and Poll widget.
  • Do students need a Classroomscreen account?

    No, students do not need to have a Classroomscreen account to use our platform. Classroomscreen is designed for teachers to create interactive lessons on a digital whiteboard. For example, students can interact with the Poll widget on the screen without logging in or creating an account.
  • How many widgets are included with Classroomscreen?

    Classroomscreen offers 22 different widgets to support teachers with all kinds of classroom activities.

  • What is included in the free version of Classroomscreen?

    The free version of Classroomscreen includes all widgets and features that can help with classroom management, instruction, and engagement. It's perfect for quickly creating lessons on the fly. However, if you wish to pre-plan your class and make use of saved screens and polls, we recommend trying out the Pro plan for $29.90 per year.