What's new in Classroomscreen: April 2024

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Exciting news is here! This month we're thrilled to introduce a revamped Classroomscreen, packed with new features and tools to enhance your teaching. Let's get going!

Try out a ready-made screen

You may have seen this already, but we've gone and added a whole new part of the website! Our library is full of over 45 (and counting!) ready-made activities designed to engage and inspire. From interactive games to customizable welcome screens, these templates were crafted by our team in the Netherlands, made with and inspired by our community of teachers.

We will be adding many more templates in the coming months - helped by teacher creators like Macarena and Noemi from all over the world. Do you have an idea for an activity? Share your template idea here!

Explore our library

Three new sticker sheets

Whilst making our new library of ready-made screens, we realized that we would need a few more stickers to turn our dreams into reality. So, we ended up making three entirely new Sticker sheets for Classroomscreen, including:

  • Games: You'll be able to find chess pieces, dice and dominos amongst other items needed to play classroom-friendly games. With this handy sheet, you can use these stickers on any screen.
  • Magnetic words: For our 'Mix n' match' and 'Fridge magnet playground' templates, we made a bunch of magnet-style words for building sentences and just having fun with language.
  • Alphabet: We made these pretty letters to be reused across our library, but have now added some additional letters to make it more versatile for different languages. Feliz enseñanza!

UX upgrades

We've listened to your feedback over the last few months and made significant improvements to ensure a smoother user experience. Our latest updates include:

  • New Widget color themes: Customize your screen with a range of new color schemes, including mint, sunshine, flamingo, and even buzzing bee! We hope you have as much fun using them as we did coming up with the names...
  • New backgrounds: We have added some new backgrounds to Classroomscreen as part of developing our template library.
  • New fonts: Choose from a variety of fresh fonts to add a touch of personality to your screens. These fonts were requested by our users, so thank you to everyone who suggested their favorite font!
  • Blur screen: Do you want to keep your screen hidden? This can now be done with a simple keystroke - just press 1 to blur your screen! Pressing it again will remove the blur and students will be able to see your screen again.
  • Background slideshows: If you are a Pro user, you can now make a slideshow with your favorite backgrounds. Head to the Backgrounds widget to explore this new feature!

Get to know our top widgets

Learn more about our most popular widgets with the new "Meet the Widget" pages on our website! Discover 12 comprehensive guides on how each widget functions and how you can use it in your classroom. Whether you're a seasoned user or just starting out, these resources are here to support you every step of the way.

We're incredibly excited about these updates and the opportunities they present for enhancing teaching and learning experiences. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Happy teaching!

Thanks for reading!

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