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Although the core of teaching is similar in every classroom, no classroom is the same. Especially when you cross borders, there are some huge differences. In this blog, we delve into these differences and showcase how five teachers use Classroomscreen, despite their diverse backgrounds.

Debbie, Florida

Say hello to Debbie, a teacher in Florida. As a STEAM teacher, she has no strict curriculum to follow, which enables her to use her own creativity in developing teaching materials for her lessons. With a passion for hands-on learning, she uses Classroomscreen to streamline her daily lesson planning.

Her favorite widgets are the Timer, Clock, Timetable, and Hyperlink which she uses to link to her Google slides and informative videos.

I set up screens for all my lessons for the week. I save them from year to year so that I can tweak them and reuse. It is so easy to organize your lessons. I teach multiple grade levels and it's so nice to just find the screen I'm using for that group.

I always include a clock, a timer with a fun sound, and a background image that matches the theme of each lesson. I love Classroomscreen because I can easily create or use provided backgrounds to go with the theme of every lesson.


What is STEAM? STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math, which incorporates existing scientific knowledge with new creative thinking!

Macarena, Brazil

Say hola to Macarena Quintana, an Argentinean educator currently working in Brazil with 15 years of experience in teaching English. She has worked with all age groups in the past but currently focuses solely on providing 1:1 classes to adults. She also works as a teacher trainer.

She appreciates Classroomscreen for its simplicity. She believes it can help build routines and processes in classrooms. Her favorite widgets are the Randomizer, Group maker, Timetable, Dice, Sound level, and Visual timer - although she uses almost all of them regularly.

My biggest advice for new Classroomscreen users is to think outside the box when using the website because, although it provides a great variety of options, seeing the potential in them can help teachers maximize its purpose. Many tools can be used in multiple creative ways.


She also recommends:

  • Use the text tool to create templates for fast finishers. You can edit them easily when you need to adapt the ideas to different types of activities/contexts.
  • Design Exit Tickets by using the Poll tool. Then use the results as a warm-up activity in the following class.
  • Use the Randomizer as a random emoji generator. Create one list with emojis, then insert multiple Randomizer widgets on your screen and ask students to invent a story based on them. It can be used as a speaking or writing activity.

Check out Macarena's templates here.

Richard, Luxembourg

Richard is a dedicated educator shaping young minds in Luxembourg. He currently teaches English, Math, Science, PSHE, and Music to 7-8 year-old students. He recently started using Classroomscreen Pro and has been having a blast getting to know all the widgets.

Richard teaches in a three-section state school in Luxembourg, comprising the English, French, and German sections. Every student has a second language that they choose to learn. In addition, all the children have Luxembourgish taught as a 3rd language.  

Classroomscreen has enabled his classroom to become more time efficient, even his students now remind him how long they have left until the next lesson starts. His current favorites are the Timetable, Text, and Clock, but he has a special place in his heart for the Randomizer.

The Randomizer widget is a great feature to keep the student on their toes. It’s fair and democratic and allows a different child to be selected at random each time for whatever chosen task the teacher has. For those anxious children, you can ‘omit’ certain names or even have different groups so children know they will only be asked at certain moments, if this should be required!


Shekinah, South Australia

Shekinah teaches a diverse range of subjects including Music, Drama, Art, HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences), and Inclusive Education to students aged 12-18. Shekinah believes that creating a safe space for children is an indispensable condition for effective learning.

She has been using Classroomscreen for a couple of years now. She uses the Text and Image widget to show the notes and directions. To support her with time management she uses the Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch widgets. Her students love to see what new background is selected for that lesson, as it adds a little bit of joy to each class.

Being able to have a consistent tool that shows our routine has been very helpful. I’m also autistic myself, and so Classroomscreen helps me move from class to class, and stay regulated.


Fun fact: Australian schools have different fonts in different states! When teaching handwriting, how the letters are formed and even where you write on the dotted thirds are different. You can learn more about this here.

Ceren, Turkey

Say merhaba to Ceren, a 1st-Grade teacher from Turkey. She works with her students to improve their reading and writing in Turkish, along with basic math skills and life science grounded in their daily experiences. Ceren believes that her students benefit greatly from a structured daily routine.

Classroomscreen helps her with her classroom management, lesson time planning, and daily lesson plans. She also uses Classroomscreen to teach her students about time management by making the (timed) schedule visible with widgets like the Stopwatch.

The Dice, Traffic light, Clock, and Calendar widgets can be incorporated into students' daily routines. I use the stopwatch the most in practice. I think it is very supportive for my students to gain time management skills in daily life.


Our mission is to support educators worldwide, and so we hope these little insights from around the world have helped you see all the possibilities of Classroomscreen. If you have a story to share, please reach out to us - we would love to hear from you!

Happy teaching!

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