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  • Published on Apr 2024

  • 3 screens

  • Pre-K & Kindergarten (age 3-5), Elementary, grade 1-2 (age 5-8), Elementary, grade 3-5 (age 8-11), Middle school (age 11-14), High school (age 14-18)

  • Category: Classroom management

  • Daily
  • Simple
  • Low prep
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About this template

This series of interactive screens is designed to help you plan and manage your classroom activities, lessons, and events with ease.

How it works

Start each week by using this template, where you can outline your goals, objectives, and priorities for the week ahead. Use the interactive features to add tasks, events, and reminders, ensuring that you stay focused and on track.

We have included three different styles to suit you, so make sure to check out all of the included screens and add your favorite to your collection.