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  • Published on Apr 2024

  • 2 screens

  • Elementary, grade 3-5 (age 8-11), Middle school (age 11-14), High school (age 14-18)

  • Category: Language arts

  • Fun
  • Simple
  • No prep
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About this template

This template provides students with the perfect platform to unleash their imagination and create stories filled with adventure, mystery, and excitement.

How it works

Begin your story by using the provided starting sentence from the Randomizer widget. Then, continue your story, including one icon per group for each sentence or paragraph. After the stories are written, let the students read aloud their story to their classmates.


If you are teaching a foreign language, this can be a great exercise for your students to write the story in that language. You might even want to provide a list of words they must include in their story.

This activity will help students on their storytelling journey by selecting specific icons representing characters, settings, and plot elements. Students can mix and match icons to create unique storylines that reflect their creative vision. Whether it's a daring quest through enchanted forests or a heartwarming tale of friendship, this classic story builder empowers students to bring their stories to life in a fun and engaging way.