SEL Check-in

Try this art-based social emotional learning check-in.

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  • Published on May 2024

  • 5 screens

  • Middle school (age 11-14), High school (age 14-18)

  • Category: Classroom management

  • Simple
  • Daily
  • No prep
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Hi! I am a chemistry maestro with a green thumb, cultivating curiosity in science and plants alike. I enjoy maintaining a lighthearted and humorous energy in the classroom and helping other educators streamline their lessons by increasing classroom efficiency.

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About this template

This exercise guides asks students to reflect, using a piece of art to help them explore and articulate their emotions. It’s an ideal way to begin the school day or transition between activities, fostering a mindful and focused classroom environment.

This template includes a series of ready-made check-ins, so you can just open it up and get started! Each screen includes four carefully crafted questions prompt students to connect with their feelings and thoughts in relation to the artwork, with a handy Hyperlink widget to change up the art piece.

The aim of this check-in is to help establish a peaceful routine that helps students settle down and prepare mentally for the lesson ahead. It also allows you to gain insight into your students' moods so you can adapt your teaching if needed.

How it works

  • Step 1: Display the chosen artwork on the screen.
  • Step 2: Students individually reflect on and answer the four questions in their books, to a neighbor.
  • Step 3: Optionally, have a brief class discussion where students can share their thoughts and feelings about the artwork.