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Classroomscreen helps shape your lessons around your students needs and interests so they feel encouraged to participate and collaborate.

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Our digital whiteboard goes wherever your class’ energy and focus grows

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Give their attention some direction with these classroom essentials.

Here are just some of the widgets we’ve designed to help you keep wandering minds focused during class.


Type faster than you write? Effortlessly transcribes ideas, insights, and discussions as quickly as your class can engage in conversation with the Text widget.


Make notes on any widget or background with your new virtual pencil case - now just a click away.


For more visual learners, our Image widget allows you to upload your own visuals to the whiteboard. Drag and drop all your favorite images to customize your lessons to the class.


With over 50 images to choose from, and the ability to upload your own, the Background widget can help create an atmosphere that resonates with your class.

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We have our own library of ready-made screens that is free for all users. Try out some fun games, welcome screens and much more!

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I open Classroomscreen each morning and it follows me through my day with tools to make my lessons run smoothly. It is the best classroom management tool around!

Barbara Jones

Teaches primary grades 1 and 2 in a multiage setting

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  • Minimizes distractions

    Classroomscreen focuses your students’ attention and holds it without any extra fuss.

  • Simple to use

    It’s easy to use and easy to customize, so you can focus on what you do best — teach!

  • Works with all your favorite tools

    Classroomscreen plays well with others; especially Google Slides, YouTube, and Canva.

All your lessons in one place

Save all your lessons on one dashboard, create different workspaces for different classes, and make lists of names for all your classes with a Pro account.

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Hidden gem

Drag widgets off-screen

Drag-and-drop widgets you no longer need off-screen to create more space and focus for the widgets you do. Don’t worry, with a press of the icon at the border of your screen the widget can return just as quickly.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can Classroomscreen be used as an online whiteboard for teaching?

    Yes, Classroomscreen can be used as an online whiteboard for teaching as it provides a digital canvas for writing, drawing, and visualizing concepts during class. Teachers can use the whiteboard to explain thoughts, solve problems, and brainstorm ideas with their students in real time.
  • Does Classroomscreen offer graph or lined paper to draw on?

    Classroomscreen offers several educational-themed backgrounds within its draw widget, allowing teachers to transform their digital whiteboard into lined or graph paper easily. You can quickly change the background color or enhance it by adding patterns.
  • Is it possible to make annotations within Classroomscreen?

    Yes, it is possible to make annotations within Classroomscreen. The platform provides a versatile drawing tool that lets users draw and write anywhere on the screen with various colors and line thicknesses. This annotation feature also works in combination with other widgets.
  • How can a digital whiteboard be used in the classroom?

    A digital whiteboard has many benefits for the classroom. With the drawing tool in Classroomscreen, you can easily illustrate a point or make a drawing on the whiteboard. Our other widgets make it possible to show text, images, and videos on your Classroomscreen.