What is Classroomscreen?

Classroomscreen is an online tool that allows you to display the instructions for your lesson in a clear and visual way. Choose from over 13 widgets to support your class activities and help students get to work.

Get started

Step 1
Launch & Project

Project Classroomscreen with a beamer or digiboard in your classroom. Start by choosing a background or upload your own image.

Step 2
Create your screen

Choose the widgets you need from the widgetbar. For example, use the text box to type your instruction and set the timer. Save your screen with Classroomscreen Pro.

Step 3
Start your lesson

During your lesson, you can easily adjust the instructions on your screen, depending on what your students need.

Most popular widgets



By using the timer you can let your students know how much time is left for working on their task. This gives them a visual reminder.


Drawing tool

Make drawings or notes with the drawing tool. Use it full screen or as a small window. Choose lined paper, graphic paper or an image as your background.


Traffic light

The traffic light has several uses. For example, to indicate if students can disturb the teacher. Also, students can use it on their own device to indicate their progress on a project.


QR generator

Generate a QR code within seconds. Students can scan the code with their device, without having to leave their seat.


Text box

Type a message or instruction in the text box. For example, show the agenda of today’s lesson.


Random name

Use this widget if your want to randomly select a students’ name from a list. Switch easily between the lists of names you created.


Work symbols

Use work symbols to let students know under what conditions they can work on their task. Choose from: ‘work together', ‘ask neighbor’, ‘whisper' or ‘silence'.


Sound level

Connect a microphone and measure the sound level in your class. If students make too much noise, a bell will ring to indicate they have to be more quiet.



The poll is a quick and easy tool to collect feedback. For example about how students feel or whether they understood the lesson. Students walk past the digiboard and cast their vote. Pro users can use remote voting to let their students cast their votes.


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