What's new in Classroomscreen: October 2023

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With the new school year fully underway, we wanted to showcase what we've been doing over the summer to improve Classroomscreen. From a Timetable widget to a new Annotation bar, we are super excited to guide you through all the new possibilities for your classroom!


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What's new

1: Meet your new pencil case

Being able to write, draw and doodle anywhere you like is a great feeling - so we've brought that to Classroomscreen! You can now annotate wherever you need, whether that be on another widget or just on the background itself.

The new Annotation bar, instead of being a separate widget, is now just a click away on the main widget bar itself. Through clicking the Annotation button on the left hand side, it will switch to Annotation mode and you will have access to your new pencil case.

Our favorite part of this feature is that widgets now become part of your whiteboard! Whether that's a map of a historical battle, a screenshot of a textbook page or even a diagram of a heart - you can truly get creative and interact on a new level with every single widget.

Circle your work, highlight key points or draw attention to different aspects of the exercise, there is a lot that this tool can do. To help you make the most of this new feature, we have also added a bunch of new backgrounds like music sheets, lined paper and graph paper.

Try it: Do you want to jump straight in? We've got a template made just for you here.

2: Have you tried the Timetable widget?

Every teacher has a schedule, but making a flexible and visually engaging timetable for your students is often a challenge. We have designed this widget with personalization as the key feature and can be pinned to any screen with ease. With over 100+ icons to add to your schedule designed just for you, the possibilities are truly endless. Add your lunch break, art class, gym class or homework assignments to a colorful schedule that students can follow throughout the day. It can be either timed with additional alarm functions or a simple checklist that can be ticked off - the choice is yours!

Top Tip: If you've got a Pro subscription and can save your screens, we recommend making a Timetable for each day and pin it to a different daily screen to save on prep time! You can try it today with our 14 day free trial.

3: Restore deleted widgets and annotations within 30 days

Did you ever delete something and wish you could bring it back? We've been working on this highly requested feature for a while and have now implemented it into your screens. After deleting a widget, you will now have the ability to restore it to where it was on your screen with just a few clicks.

How-to: When you delete a widget or an annotation, a pop-up will appear in the bottom-left corner letting you know that the widget has been deleted and giving you the option to restore them. Alternatively, click the three dots in the top right-hand corner and restore them from the new option added to the menu.

If you accidentally deleted something or would like to reimplement a widget or annotation you made recently, you now have the next 30 days to use it. Everything you delete will be kept safe and sound in case you need it - handy, right?

4: Other bonus tweaks

  • Our Widget bar got a makeover: We've improved the overall layout of the bar so that you can easily access all the widgets you want. Rather than having to extend the bar to access more widgets, they are now grouped in an easily accessible pop-up. Additionally, a new hover function will help you see which widget you are about to use.
  • Calling all dark mode users: If you are a fan of dark mode on your computer, our widget bar is now much more suited to your preferences as we have redesigned the icons to match this mode.
  • Simpler mobile interface: Need to make a tweak to your Classroomscreen or simply want to try out something new before class? For those of you using the app on mobile, we've added a few improvements to your experience to make it easier to add new widgets and annotate. Instead of a small widget bar that requires scrolling, it now looks very similar to the desktop app.

It's the little things that make the difference

With a new widget, the Annotation bar and lots of little improvements, there is a lot to try this school year on your screens. Many of these improvements came from user suggestions - so thank you! It's through your feedback and ideas that we can improve the app for everyone that uses it, so we really appreciate every suggestion you make. Do you have something to add to our suggestion box? Send us a message on social media or contact us through our website.

Experience the improvements yourself and start a new screen today!

Looking to save your work? Then sign up for a free 14-day Pro trial.

Have fun!

Thanks for reading!

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