Plan each and every lesson. Then reuse it in other classes.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) and organize all your teaching materials on Classroomscreen.

Explore Pro features

Remember to save your work! Save lessons you’ve created with a Pro account.

Discover Pro features

Teach smarter not harder

Use custom backgrounds that keep students on task

  • Choose from over 50 preselected backgrounds.

  • Create and upload your own backgrounds.

  • Add a personal touch to your lessons.

Generate random groups for up to 100 names

  • Randomize a list of names into several groups in a click.

  • Create 3 lists of names with the free Basic account.

  • Save the names in all your classes with the Pro account.

Organize all your lessons on one dashboard

  • Create different workspaces for different classes.

  • Duplicate, name, and categorize all your curriculum.

  • Sort lessons into different collections for future use.

Coming soon

Collaborate within Classroomscreen

  • Share screens you’ve created with other teachers.

  • Develop lessons together with other contributors.

  • Publish your screens so students can study with them.

I open Classroomscreen each morning and it follows me through my day with tools to make my lessons run smoothly. It is the best classroom management tool around!

Barbara Jones

Teaches primary grades 1 and 2 in a multiage setting

See why Classroomscreen is in a class of it’s own

Carlyn Magness

Teaches English at a high school

I believe everyone should sign up for the pro account because of the convenience and peace of mind. I can put time and effort into my screens and then, since it is all saved, it is so easy to tweak them for the week and access them on different computers.

Minimizes distractions

Classroomscreen focuses your students’ attention and holds it without any extra fuss.

Simple to use

It’s easy to use and easy to customize, so you can focus on what you do best — teach!

Works with all your favorite tools

Classroomscreen plays well with others; especially Google Slides, YouTube, and Canva.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I organize my lessons in Classroomscreen?

    You can easily organize your lessons in Classroomscreen using our teacher dashboard. With a Pro account, you can structure your work by grouping screens into collections and arranging them in separate workspaces. In the dashboard, you can also find and adjust your lists of names and uploaded backgrounds.
  • Can I save my screens in Classroomscreen?

    All of your screens are automatically saved with a Pro account. The Basic version of Classroomscreen does not save your screens and they will be lost once you end your session. If you are using our 14-day free trial, your work will be saved and automatically transferred to your Pro account if you upgrade.
  • Can Classroomscreen be used for multiple classrooms?

    Sure! As a teacher with a Pro account, the screens you create can be categorized per class in the dashboard. As soon as you log in, all your class materials will be readily accessible.
  • Can I share my Classroomscreen lessons with other teachers?

    Although it is not yet possible to share any self-made lessons with colleagues or other teachers, our team is working hard to include this feature soon. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay ahead of our latest updates.
  • What is the difference between a Basic and Pro account?

    The Basic account is free and provides access to essential classroom management tools. A Pro account offers additional features such as autosaving of your screens, premium support, and the ability to save up to 100 lists of names.