Help your class spend time on the right things

From flexible visual timers to a clock that adapts to your lesson needs, Classroomscreen helps your class make the most out of every moment.

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Teach students time management by demonstrating good time management

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Don’t let the bell dictate your class with these widgets

Here are just some of the widgets we’ve designed to help your class take responsibility and accountability of their time.

Event countdown

When’s the test? What are we doing next period? How long does this period last? Let the Event countdown widget tell your students what you’ve told them before.


Give your class a deadline they can see with the Timer widget. It can help motivate your class, encourage them to focus, and challenge them to manage their time effectively. Give it a go in — 3, 2, 1!


Keep one question out of your students' minds. Simply display today's activities with the Timetable widget. With its user-friendly interface, students can stay on top of today's schedule effortlessly.


When time starts to fly use the Clock widget to take control and pilot it. It’s available in digital or analog format, and the alarm function will make sure you don’t get caught out by the bell.

Not sure where to start?

We have a curated library of templates, created by both our team and some brilliant teacher creators. Try out some fun games, classroom management tools and more!

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I could not get through my day without the timer. It repeats in cycles and has many different sounds for the bell when the time is up!

Barbare Jones

Teaches primary grades 1 and 2 in a multiage setting

See why Classroomscreen is in a class of it’s own

  • Minimizes distractions

    Classroomscreen focuses your students’ attention and holds it without any extra fuss.

  • Simple to use

    It’s easy to use and easy to customize, so you can focus on what you do best — teach!

  • Works with all your favorite tools

    Classroomscreen plays well with others; especially Google Slides, YouTube, and Canva.

All your lessons in one place

Save all your lessons on one dashboard, create different workspaces for different classes, and make lists of names for all your classes with a Pro account.

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Hidden gem

Keyboard shortcuts

Navigate quickly between screens, widget options, and screen adjustments with shortcut keys. Press K in Classroomscreen to view the full range of shortcuts that can help streamline your experience.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Classroomscreen?

    Classroomscreen is an online tool designed to help teachers create interactive lessons on a digital whiteboard. It provides a customizable interface, including various tools and widgets, that teachers can use to engage their students and manage their classrooms. 
  • Can you put a countdown timer on Classroomscreen?

    Yes. Classroomscreen includes a countdown timer tool that can be easily added to your digital whiteboard. Our countdown timer can be customized to count down in minutes or seconds for a set duration.
  • What are the benefits of using a timer in the classroom?

    Using a timer in the classroom provides benefits for everyone. Classroomscreen offers a timer that helps teachers create routines and establish predictability for students. It directs students to focus on the task at hand and it improves productivity and overall classroom management.
  • Can Classroomscreen help with time management?

    Yes, Classroomscreen helps with time management by offering tools such as a countdown timer, a clock, a stopwatch, and a calendar. By including multiple free customizable widgets for teachers, Classroomscreen helps students develop their time management skills and stay on task during lesson activities.