Our Mission

Our mission is to support teaching and learning in the classroom. We want to make it easier for teachers to help their students get to work and help them focus on their task.

Our starting point is that our tool is easy to use, and accessible to teachers worldwide, including teachers who might be less confident in using educational software in class.


Our Story

Laurens Koppers is a science teacher in The Netherlands. He noticed that if students exactly know what to do during his lesson and under which conditions, it helps them to get started with the class material. Instead of writing on the whiteboard, he wanted a digital tool to make his teaching instructions clearer and more attractive. That is why he created the first version of Classroomscreen: a simple website with clear work symbols, a text box and timer.

With the feedback he received from other teachers, Laurens improved Classroomscreen and added more helpful widgets. In 2019, Laurens’ neighbor Sebastiaan got involved. With his expertise in building secure and interactive web applications, they were able to rebuild and improve Classroomscreen even further. Together, and with help from users all over the world, they continue working on making Classroomscreen the best screen for every classroom.


Laurens Koppers

“As a science teacher I love using educational software in my lessons, but I only use software that really adds value in class.”


Sebastiaan de Vries

"I am a developer, and love building Classroomscreen. The feedback from the enthusiastic community gives me a feeling of joy and fulfillment."

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